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Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a managed solution

that delivers onsite hardware and connectivity,

along with offsite data storage and replication.

As a cost effective, secure and scalable solution,

BaaS uses proven technology to provide a step-

up on traditional physical media solutions. BaaS

offers access to a range of onsite hardware and

connectivity types to cater for any volume of data

when you need it and as you use it.

Why BaaS?

Funded as an operational expense rather than

being a capital expense

Reduced management and operational overheads

for your business

Increased reliability of backups

Improved data recovery time versus tape solutions

Easily deployed alongside existing tape


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Supported on-site hardware, network connectivity

and off-site data storage

One predictable monthly cost for the entire service

Utilises proven high-quality hardware appliances

Backups are validated to ensure data integrity

How can we help?

As a regional organisation, we consider ourselves

experts in the field of effective remote site backups.

Geraldton Data Centre not only understands

the need and importance of ensuring all of your

data is safe and secure, but that the solution is

comprehensive and cost effective.

We ensure that the recommended solution

incorporates your level of speed connections so

that they can be utilised to move data offsite for

additional security. When the data needs to be

restored, it is executed in a time efficient manner in

order to have your network and data fully functional

and usable on your production environment.

Geraldton Data Centre can also provide:

Monthly storage of replicated business data

Installation and configuration of the primary

backup server and replacement backup software

Provision of virtual environment for data

restoration purposes

Configuration of backups for replication between

client sites and our data centres

Supply, installation and configuration of appliances

to meet your data backup and storage needs

Specification and installation of appropriate

network connectivity between your site and our

data centres

All data can be backed up and replicated to

multiple data centre locations in Western Australia

with a minimum 400km being the physical point

of separation

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backing up your data is one thing to do, but can you be sure that the

data you value is actually able to be recovered?

When did you last check?

When it goes off site where is it housed and how do you get it back?