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We live in a fast evolving world where change

is the only constant. Smart technology is

no longer a luxury for big corporations, but

a necessity for all businesses to thrive in a

competitive economy.

Physical hardware is being replaced with virtual

infrastructure. This has removed the barrier of

geographical location and promotes an online

community where the cloud continues to expand

in all aspects of business across all industries.

The cloud, as its name suggests, is all around us.

It removes physical barriers to allow information

to flow to and from a safer, more reliable virtual

infrastructure. It is the next stage in internet

evolution, creating a foundation for flexibility,

and changing the way we look at technology.

For many businesses, the removal of physical

servers can seem daunting. Some businesses

prefer to see tangible evidence of where their

data is stored.

That’s where the Geraldton Data Centre can help.

Our role is to support businesses in this new

virtual environment. To not only make the initial

transition to the cloud, but to take advantage of

the opportunities technology can provide.

We continuously strive to be industry leaders and

unlock the potential of businesses by providing

sustainable and innovative technology solutions,

tailored to suit each specific client’s needs.

We believe in making a difference.


Ankle and Foot Health Group were Geraldton Data Centre’s first cloud client.