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Business Continuity

Business Continuity planning provides the next step in Disaster Recovery. It goes beyond traditional data recovery and focuses on developing critical contingency plans to be used in the event of disasters or unexpected events. It is a crucial component to mitigating unnecessary chaos which can lead to further damage of your business.

Business Continuity covers the risks most hazardous to your business operations. The plan is initially developed with a thorough audit of your business and its operations, followed by a strategic outline of how to proceed if disaster should strike. It also includes a list of key personnel and their respective responsibilities.

Why Business Continuity?

When an unexpected event shuts down part or all of your operations, there is an increased potential to miss hours, days, weeks or months of income opportunities. A company that has to shut down operations for an extended period of time may also risk losing customers to competitors.

Businesses need a strong continuity plan that is clearly understood and articulated across all areas of the business. The benefits of Business Continuity include:

  • Dramatically improved data recovery times, allowing your operations to be up and running in a matter of hours as opposed to days or weeks
  • Elimination of the dependency on people and processes to ensure your data is backed up and secure
  • Access systems from anywhere by including an application delivery server

How can we help?

Geraldton Data Centre’s local consultants can work with you to develop a Business Continuity Plan that is appropriate for your organisation and mitigates the real risks that you manage. We understand Business Continuity is more than IT and will tailor the plan to your entire organisation’s unique needs.