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Responsive to the demand for a data centre and cloud computing services the GDC was among the first to benefit from the roll out of the National Broadband Network and is ideally placed to offer local clients high speed business internet services including IP Tel, and fixed wireless links to expand and enhance your communications within the local catchment area and beyond.

Network services include carriers such as Amcom, Telstra, AAPT and others offering sophisticated communications and telephony solution designed to meet the data and communication requirements unique to smart business needs.


Why NBN?

The roll out of the NBN in Geraldton provides access to fast, reliable and cost effective data connectivity accelerating business communication and transactions to maximise time and cost efficiencies.

We help you

Select the most effective NBN service and plan for your business and leverage sophisticated technologies and services previously out of reach for small and medium size companies.

Fixed Wireless

Why Fixed Wireless?

As the most viable option for remote locations fixed wireless offers faster, more reliable connections than mobile networks; its ideal alternative to leasing communication or installing physical cables.

We help you

As a local and preferred Government supplier the Geraldton Data Centre has a wealth of experience in dealing with communication needs in remote locations and offer great customer service to our clients.


Why Backhaul?

Backhaul gives your business the ability to move data faster and more securely across a greater distance at a more cost effective rate.

We help you

By providing backhaul communications in the region, we offer faster, more cost effective transfer of data on a network we own and manage.


Why Fibre?

Fibre optic communications to transfer data across long distances and regional areas without interference requires fewer cables and is fast becoming the future alternative to costly copper cabling.

We help you

By offering our consultancy services and cost effective solutions to transition your business into this new phase of communication technology


Why Polycom?

Easy to use, reliable and adaptable, Polycom devices offer a broad selection of phones and applications including cutting edge voice and video technology for organisations and businesses of all sizes to simplify workflow and enhance productivity.

We help you

As a Polycom reseller the Geraldton Data Centre offers physical hardware and consultancy solutions effectively integrate these devices into your business to help you connect further and faster.

Internet Protocol Telephony (IPTel)

Why IPTel?

IPTel or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will allow your business to utilise an extensive communication suite over the network without the need to install costly telephone lines. Available as flexible packages IPTel is managed and maintained by the service provider with continuous updates and added features.

We help you

By seamlessly migrating your business to IPTel whether you’re in the metropolitan precinct or a regional area. We’re not merely a supplier of this service but use it at the Geraldton Data Centre allowing us to understand the product from both a service provider and client perspective.